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In a world increasingly built on technological advancement and removing humans from the equation, it can feel as if our future belongs to the robots, the algorithms, the artificial intelligence that will tell us what to do and how to think.

But in this rush toward higher efficiency, how do we leverage our greatest asset? How do we rekindle that human spark to serve as a focusing lens on our shared future?

At TEDxEustis 2021, we will encourage our guests to explore Humanity Reignited. Our speakers will bring forward ways to reignite our humanity by reshaping the way we treat those in the last days of their lives, re-imagining our relationship with nature and food cultivation, and rethinking the way we use science to make decisions.

With our Humanity Reignited, we can look at public discourse through a filter that is no longer simply black and white, we can work toward global access to healthcare, and protect our important local ecosystem to sustain our future.

Throughout history, the spark of human life and ingenuity has blazed trails in art, literature, social compassion, and civic reform. Ignited by the smallest tinder, great movements have changed lives and focused our attention on important issues that can improve our world and make us better people.

The TEDxEustis 2021 conference is poised to nurture 12 amazing speakers and three engaging performers to stoke the fires of human compassion and ingenuity. It's time to remember that our future is, in fact, human. It's time to unleash that intrinsic humanity to address important issues. It’s time that we get our greatest asset, our humanity, reignited.


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